IPE1: Make Peace With Time

This 30-day experience takes time management further…

Expand your sense of time and the possibilities it holds for your life and leadership.

The ‘Inner Peace Experience: Make peace with time’ (or IPE1 for short) is a 30-day practice that engages your head, heart and soul around the timeless topic of…well…time. It goes further and deeper than many time management offerings out there.


As a driven, self-starting professional, you may feel an irresistible urge to pack as much as you can into your schedule. After all, you’ve always strived to be #1 (or come as close as possible to it) in everything you do. Falling short of the goals you set for yourself is not an option. Whether it’s the notion of being an ideal worker in the office, the perfect parent at home, or the dutiful adult caregiver to those you care about, there are expectations you’ve established for yourself that are important to uphold.

I hear you. I feel you. And there is a part of me that respectfully disagrees with you.

Time to AdaptDespite what many accomplished managers, executives and work superstars would have us believe, you can’t have it all or do it all without an excellent support system in place. And even if you have or can afford that support system, there are times when the best-laid plans fall through and you have to pick up the slack.

What happens in those moments? If you’re anything like the 75% of American mothers with school-going children who work outside the home, you’d wish you had a more sympathetic boss, a more flexible work culture, or a life partner who can carry their caregiving weight. And if you’re like the 40% of Americans who get less than the recommended amount of nightly sleep in order to take care of everything and everyone else (I’ve been down that rabbit hole myself), you’re running on empty, trying to hide your exhaustion with more under-eye concealer or with the help of that 7th cup of coffee.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, to truly reflect, if any of this is worth it? To hit the pause button and consider the deeper implications of how you spend your time?

If you’ve read your 11th book on time management, or attended your 6th course on productivity at work, and you feel no closer to getting a handle on your time, I invite you to take that step back and re-evaluate your relationship with time.

You deserve to have time and tide wait for you.

Life is short. Time and tide wait for no man. Make hay while the sun shines.

These are wonderful adages to live by if you need a firm kick in the butt to combat laziness. But you’re not one to be lazy, are you? Whether you were born to achieve, or whether your parents and peers ingrained it in you, you want to feel like you’ve squeezed every possible second out of each day by doing something productive. In fact, sometimes your inner mantra might be ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. And so you schedule your time, or your family’s time, down to the last minute. Anything less would be a travesty.

Here’s the question, though. If you were being totally honest with yourself, does this uber-packed schedule bring you a sense of sustained joy, peace and happiness? Or do you berate yourself, and snap at others, for not following the plan and the schedule you’ve taken such pains to design? Are you doing your best work each and every time you step up to the plate, able to think, create and innovate on cue? Or do you fall into bed each night, not blissfully spent from a day well lived, but exhausted by a day filled with guilt over missed deadlines and a million tasks falling through the cracks?

I’ve lived on that crazy-paced end of the time spectrum and experienced several burnouts because of it. Between a demanding job in fast-paced industries, some unreasonable bosses, and being a lifelong caregiver to my loved ones, there were times when I couldn’t see a way out of the time-starved wilderness. Worse still, nothing and nobody could convince me there was a better way, and so I became a miserable, angry and unloving version of myself. The irony was…I loved my chosen career and my family too much to change my ways. I believed that all these people were counting on me, and I wasn’t about to let them down by doing less with my time.

Here’s another way to think about and be with time.

I’m here to offer you an alternative approach to time, something that will replace that endless loop of busyness with a sense of more intentional and purposeful engagement. When you sign up for this ‘Make peace with time’ practice, you will uncover some of the ‘busy for busyness’ sake’ beliefs you hold about time. You can start to see the benefits of creating space in your day, without compromising your capacity to achieve and accomplish great things. Instead of racing to be the busiest person in your office or neighborhood, you will understand the power & unparalleled productivity of inviting a steadier, calmer and happier existence into your life.

Ultimately, this ‘Make peace with time’ practice is a gift you give to yourself, a let’s-get-real opportunity to focus on what matters to your life and leadership. You will emerge with a clearer sense of what to do with your time, and how to use that time to nourish every aspect of your life. You’ll begin to schedule your days from the inside out, filling your cup of time so that it can runneth over to properly serve the people & organizations you care about.

About IPE1 creator Maya Mathias


Hi, I’m Maya & welcome to my world. I help my clients lead with the strategic mind of a scientist, the resilient heart of a warrior and the inventive soul of an artist.

Have you ever wondered how you can nimbly optimize your leadership approach for each context, encounter & challenge?  The accelerating pace of change is turning traditional leadership frameworks on their head.  Although I reference and revere the leadership models & systems of old, changing times call for a much more fluid and organic way to lead.

I blend theory & practice from personal leadership, timeless Eastern wisdom, innovation management, theatrical improvisation, communication in a social age and 21st-Century work culture.  Leaders are equal parts born and made, and I have decoded the ‘made’ part of the equation so you can learn how to lead your life or your team with more joyful spontaneity and calm conviction. I bring this wisdom to you via my San Francisco-based leadership & innovation practice.

During my 15-year career as a corporate employee, I managed cross-cultural teams on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and the US) and led training development programs in hyper-growth and ever-changing industries like advertising and high-technology.  I have worked with and for Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco, Singapore Airlines and Intercontinental Hotels Group, taking their mission-critical projects from the brainstorming whiteboard to sustained multi-million dollar marketplace success. I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biology, an MBA (with a specialty in Information & Knowledge Management) and am certified by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), America’s #1 coach training school.

In IPE1, I distill some lessons I’ve learned about how to cultivate a deeper, more nourishing relationship with time. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career path, building a soul-stirring business, or transitioning into a new phase of your life & work, ‘Make Peace With Time’ can help you pay attention to what you want to invoke and grow into.


How You’ll Benefit From IPE1:


Created With Compassion

I know how challenging it can be to become a master of time, instead of its slave. I’ve designed the IPE1 from my heart to yours.


Multi-Faceted Approach

The IPE1 approach engages your brain, opens your heart and activates your gut. This holistic approach helps you better retain and integrate each lesson.


Lifetime Access

Once you invest in the IPE1, you’ll always have access to it. Which means you can return to it again and again to deepen the learning.


Active Community

We cultivate a safe & vibrant place for you to post your questions and share your thoughts as you go.


Daily Exercises

Each daily lesson has a question for you to work on, to reinforce your understanding of the concepts we share.


Short Meditations

I’ve even included some short meditations to integrate what you learn along the way. (Hey, I told you the IPE1 is multi-faceted!)

What Our Customers Are Saying:

‘Maya’s got a great blend of practicality, spiritual wisdom and a nurturing, healing kindness that has been excellent in our coaching together.’
Suzanne Falter , Best-selling self-help author, speaker, and singer
‘Maya is an extremely effective coach. I continue to be amazed by her intuition and ability to identify the core underlying beliefs that are creating the limitations in my life. She has been able to quickly move me to action, so I can start achieving what I desire in my life and my organization.’
Kim Miramontes , Strategist & Executive Leadership Coach
‘Maya “gets it”, she’s a strategic thinker and a strong executor able to get you from A to B and beyond. She is also a pleasure to work with—she has the temperament of a team player and a leader—she’s considerate, patient and bold.’
Emilie Colker , Vice President, Brand & Social Impact, Pearson
‘I worked indirectly with Maya when I was the MD for OgilvyOne Singapore. Maya was a passionate member of the team and always a delight to work with. She enthusiastically took on additional responsibilities around training and talent development which I guess was a signal of her own career passions.’
Chris Riley , Managing Director IBM Brand Services & Group Chief Operating Officer, Singapore at Ogilvy & Mather

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the key difference between IPE1 and popular time management programs like GTD (Getting Things Done)?  GTD and programs like it focus on productivity and efficiency. IPE1 both elevates and grounds the way you relate to time, by helping you think even more intentionally about the larger purpose of what’s on your calendar. Many of us spend months or years climbing the ladder of life, only to realize that it’s leaning against the wrong wall (or tree, depending on which metaphor you prefer). Time is what we make of it, and IPE1 is your opportunity to make time count even more in your life and leadership.
  • What do you have to teach me about time in IPE1 that I don’t already know?  You’re a smart cookie, so some of the IPE1 material may be familiar to you. But there’s a huge difference between being familiar with a body of knowledge and actually putting it into daily practice. IPE1 is exactly that – a PRACTICE. It’s an invitation to spend 30 days flexing a time muscle that’s either foreign or flabby, to help you gain more mastery over your relationship with time. I encourage you to approach this material with what Zen masters call a beginner’s mind i.e. to have an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when you receive each daily lesson. That will be the hallmark of time well spent on the IPE1.
  • I’m a busy person – how much time will this take?  Deepak Chopra loves to tell a joke about meditation – if you don’t have time to meditate once a day, then you need to meditate twice a day. 🙂 The same is true for the IPE1. Each daily lesson will take you between 5 to 15 minutes to review. If you can’t spare that time each day, then you’ll need to revisit this material more than once!
  • What’s your refund policy?  Given the digital nature of this offering (i.e. you can’t ‘un-access’ the material once it lands in your inbox), your investment in the IPE1 is non-refundable.

What you can accomplish via IPE1

In this 30-day Inner Peace experience (IPE), we’ll peel back the layers that make up our idea of time. We’ll cover 4 time-related themes, exploring each theme for 7 days before moving on to the next one. There’ll be a mix of stories, quotes, videos, self-coaching questions and short meditations in each 7-day chunk, all personally curated by me to deepen your understanding and application.

  • Learn how and where you’re unconsciously wasting time
  • Cut through the beliefs you hold about time, that aren’t serving you or the life you want
  • Discover how your relationship with time is affecting your decision-making
  • Begin to cure your impulsive ‘attention distraction’, or your sense of overwhelm
  • Stop being angry with time, or the lack of it in your life
  • Learn tons of practical tools to help you balance time more effectively and sustainably



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